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Update - 02-Jan-2019
Update - 29-Dec-2018
Update - 23-Dec-2018
Update - 01-Dec-2018
Update - 06-Nov-2018
Update - 02-Nov-2018
Update - 11-Oct-2018
Update - 23-Sept-2018
Update - 06-Sept-2018
Update - 20-Aug-2018
Update - 05-Aug-2018
Update - 19-July-2018
Update - 22-June-2018
Update - 27-May-2018
Update - 18-April-2018
Update - 03-April-2018
Update - 04-March-2018
Update - 18-Feb-2018
Update - 25-Jan-2018

Updates to the Site: I have been busy of late getting my PurpleAir Sensor up and running, getting a Template for Saratoga to hook into the purpleair.com/json link. Hopefully this is now just about complete.

Also a few updated to the pws template. Brian has kindly added Tony's mysql code to the template so now the template feeds the history data direct from the database. This now should be finished too.

Update - 04-Jan-2018

Updates to the Site

Update - 02-Jan-2018

Updates to the Site

Update - 29-Dec-2017

Plenty of updates to the site and NAS

Update - 16-Dec-2017

Plenty of updates to the site and NAS

Update - 29-Oct-2017

Apache updated to 2.4.29 and php updated to 7.1.11

Update - 26-Oct-2017

Thanks for Ian at https://www.chatteris.biz for the Beaufort Scale page wxbeafort.php - Much appreciated

Update - 22-Oct-2017

Update following stuff

Update - 10-Oct-2017

Update Mesonet Script to v3.10 - additional PHP 7.1 compatibility fixes

Update - 04-Oct-2017

Added - htmal tag rel="noopener" to all target="_blank" links on all Web pages.

Update - 02-Oct-2017

Added Top 10 Records/Stats for the website.

Update - 29-Sep-2017

Upgraded the following Software:

PWS Template tweaked to use mysql data and WU data. Contacted PurpleAir regarding Air Quality Sensor. Updates to follow regarding this feature. Added All time Records Page too.

Update - 20-Aug-2017

Managed to fix some missing data in the Cumulus Databse Dayfile and Monthly tables - this has now fixed the Graphs in HomeWeatherStation - finally Added a decent scheduled task via cron to backup the database and CumulusMX folders after loosing a hard disk on saturday morning.

Update - 17-Aug-2017

Home WeatherStation Template updated to CU-X5 and includes mysql data rather than polling WU for data. Updated wxspace.php page and fixed more apache errors!

Update - 14-Aug-2017

Packages on WeatherStation Server Updated. Home WeatherStation Template updated to 3.4 Final. Updated Mesonet Scripts to fix https and php 7.1.x compatibility Fixed a number of issues with apache errors and php code

ConligWX DNS propagation should be finished, we are also now on a faster fibre connection

Update - 09-Aug-2017

Packages on WeatherStation Server Updated.

Update - 22-Jul-2017

Packages on WeatherStation Server Updated.

Update - 21-Jun-2017

Packages on WeatherStation Server Updated.

Updates applied - 06-May-2017

WebServer should be slightly fast in response times. I have a PCIe SSD Card caching data for my NAS. Updated Saratoga Templates from Ken True. I now have 2 FlightAware Receivers (Blue and Orange) running PiAware. WeatherStaion Template Updated

Updates applied - 10-Apr-2017

Updated mesonet to v3.0.7 - Flightaware ADS-B 1090 receiver now sending data to FlightRadar24 and Planefinder - and now Opensky Network

Updates applied - 02-Apr-2017

Webserver updated to PHP version 7.1.3, QNAP Firmware Upgraded to

I have also added a FlightAware ADS-B Receiver. This Detects all Aircraft that emmits the ADS-B and Mode S signal and then reports them over to www.flightaware.com. This comprises of a Raspberry Pi 3 B running PiAware v3.3.0, commected to a FlightAware Pro Stick, FlightAware ADS-B 1090MHz Band-pass SMA Filter, 5M CLF200 Low Loss Cable Extension Lead, and a FlightAware 1090MHz ADS-B N-Type 26" - 5.5dBi Antenna installed int he roof space.

Updates applied - 26-Feb-2017

Webserver updated to PHP version 7.1.2, A couple of Saratoga Template files also updated to fix https issues. New Webcam online and applying Weather Data to image via imagik's convert tool

I have a new Davis Aerocone ready to fit to the ISS soon, however I will be moving the ISS onto my mast soon to give better Solar/UV coverage so I'll plan some downtime when the weather picks up to have a full maintenance outage planned in the near future.

Update - 18-Feb-2017

Updates a number of webfiles from the Saratoga Template to update sites that are running https now. there are a few links I cannot update as yet but vast majority are now running well. Background colour now changed to enhance the overall view, along with the RNLI twitter feed colours tweaked too.

Update - 10-Feb-2017

My QNAP TVS-463 had rebooted itself last night, still unsure what went wrong. it has been slow for a while now probably due to the amount of packages and Beta firmwares on it so I decided to reinitialise the whole NAS. This took some time rebuilding the RAID etc but I am now getting back the normal. Just a few more Crontab jobs to add and backup schedules and should be done. Most of the data has now been restored, and Apache/PHP tweaked a bit more.

Sophos UTM patched to ver 9.411-3

Webserver update - 02-Feb-2017

Finally got round to fixing the Popup Graphs on the Live Gauges page with Help from Phil23 and Mark Crossley. Thank you guys!

Also updated the Trend Graphs when viewing from the Davis Live Console Pages.

Webserver update - 12-Jan-2017

I have just installed Qapache QPKG onto the QNAP Webserver. This is a 3rd Party Package with Apache 2.4.25, PHP 7.1.0, +PECL Extensions - there maybe some issues with diplaying web pages etc but there should not be many issues.

Website update - 10-Jan-2017

Updated SteelSeries Scripts (Live Gauges) by Mark Crossley to version 2.5.18.

PWS Template updated to 3.1 Dashboard.

Website update - 19-Nov-2016

Just a few updates to the station software. I found my "Contacts Us" page was not actually working. not sure why oe when it stopped but I have managed to update the script and get it working again - appologies to anyone who have tride contacting me recently.

The RNLI have launches a new website, but this has broken RSS feeds to my site. I have therefore added a twittier feed to the RNL Launches which will allow you to view any the latest 10 launchers straight away.

Website update - 18-Oct-2016

Just a few updates to the station software. Intel NUC Bios Update applied today. Debian packages updates via apt-get/Webmin

Audio Page added - Thanks to the Cumulus Forums users on this, makes a great page!

Website update - 24-Sept-2016

I have finally managed to get the Homeweatherstation Template working with graphs/WU History Since my NAS has a new firmware that included PHP 5.6.x which brings its own anomalies. The new layout can be selected via www.conligwx.org/pws/ or Selecting Templates, then All-In-One template

Hardware update - 06-Sept-2016

ConligWX is now upgraded to a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus as its Weather Station the Plus version adds UV and Solar Sensors.

I had a couple of issues which should be rectified now and I am monitoring the setup for a few days before moving the Davis Vantage Vue to a new home in Belfast for a friend.

Station updates - 25-Aug-2016

Updated the live gauges page. this was missing the Cloud Based Gauge for some unknown reason.

Station updates - 24-Aug-2016

Hopefully we are now back to normal connectivity, seems there was at least a couple of issues on the network.

I have updated the mesonet map script package to the latest version. This gives a view to UKWN/Global WX Network maps

Station Outages - 16-Aug-2016

For serveral days now conligwx has been experiencing internet outages. Sky and Openreach are investigating the issue. This is having a major impact on the site and web services at present. I have yet to be updated with any meaningful reason as to why.


BTOpenreach Engineer is booked to visit today to investigate the issue.

Software Updates - 10-Aug-2016

Both NAS's (Web Server and Backup) have new firmware updates applied. CumulusMX Server has had a few debain updates applied as well.

All Servers now rebooted.

Site Update - 04-Aug-2016

NOAA has changed their file format which broke the BT Sager Scripts. this has now been fixed in a new script update.

Thanks to Tony from hrvistaweather.com - he has created a template for my site to grab the RNLI's RSS news feeds and put them onto a web page. Thank You Sir!

CumulusMX Update - 29-Jul-2016

CumulusMX has been updated to v3.0.0 b3040 - and changelog consists of:

Regional networks Script - 26-Jul-2016

Thanks to Ken true again for his hard work he has released a new version (3.0.0) Regional Mesonet Map code script. To see it in action click on the WX Networks panel to the side and select UKWX Network

CumulusMX Update - 22-Jul-2016

CumulusMX has been updated to v3.0.0 b3039 - and changelog consists of:

Also added a few more world Lightning maps for various continents

Quake Update - 03-Jul-2016

Google has now started an API for its Maps. Luckily Ken from Saratoga Weather has added a new wxquake.php file. All WX owners will need to register with Google to get the API Key for their site. More dicussing over here: Google now requires API key for map display in browser- quake-json.php

Downtime - 03-Jul-2016

Appologies to all for the recent downtime. The ConligWX Station Server, WebServer and Backup Server have moved rooms. There maybe some outage this week too when i install a new switch to manage the LAN network up there.

BT Sager Forecast - 12-Jun-2016

With the help of a few at Cumulus forums I have managed to re-add the BT Sager Forecast to the main ajax dashboard. The instructions for installation of BT Sager's forecast script (Saratoga Template) needed to be adjusted for Validation purposes.

WX Networks - 07-Jun-2016

I've now added both the UK Weather Network and Global Weather Network pages to the Main Navigation. Please - Check them out...

Live Console update - 04-Jun-2016

Thanks to Script Developed by Murry Conarroe of Wildwood Weather I've now added a link to Annual Data on the live Console Vue. I did have to remove my old NOAA data as this was in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius due to my old Weather Software - Weewx was using Imperial measurements to log NOAA data!!!. If you need to see historical data then check out my "Historic Data" link on the Menubar..

NAS Firmware Update - 03-Jun-2016

Update to the Firmware which adds some security patches and bug fixes and upgrades the Webservers PHP to 5.5.35

WX Calculators - 01-Jun-2016

Thanks to Tony Dow at hrvistaweather.com I've now added some more webpages in relation to Weather Calculations.

Also adjusted the main Navigation Menus.

Minor Updates - 27-May-2016

I've now updated the Sophos UTM box with a faster Hard disk, and tweaked the IPS slightly for better response - Firmware also updated Sophos UTM box and the Weather Station NUC.

Added a few Vendor Logos and links that have made it possible to run this site.

Whos-Online Added - 24-May-2016

I've now installed Whos-online script by Mike Challis, however the original script needed some tweaks to get it working correctly. Also GeoLiteCity data will be updated on a daily basis.

If you require the tweaked version of "Whos-Online" script for CumulusMX/Saratoga templates, please fill in the contact us form. I'll make it available when requested.

Validation and Additions - 18-May-2016

I have just about completed the additional new pages for the site. These include:

Saratoga Templates - 10-May-2016

I've started to add the awesome Saratoga Template and adding scripts for more page content

Watch this space.....

Change to Cumulus - 03-Apr-2016

Well i finally took the crunch and moved to CumulusMX since it is now Linux compatible. I have run Cumulus before on Windows but I just didnt like it. With linux you have stability in running a weather station without the need to keep tweaking or rebooting windows. I was previously using WeeWX which was very stable but lacked the wow facter with web pages.

I've started to add the awesome Saratoga Template and adding scripts for more page content